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What Our Customers Say:

"The Pig Chute helps us vaccinate pigs with far less stress on the animals. After processing, pigs used to do nothing but sleep for an hour. With the Pig Chute method, pigs are up and active in a much shorter time"

Lenny Wipf

Lakeview Colony, SD

"The Pig Chute helps us vaccinate pigs with a lot less stress on us. Prior to using Brad's equipment, we would all want to go take a long rest. Now, after processing the weekly weaned pigs, we are ready to go on to the next task"

Edwin Wipf, Jr

Shannon Colony, SD

"The Hennen Pig Chute saves us 18 man hours of labor every time that we wean pigs, giving us a return on our investment in 45 days"

John Lofdahl

Production Manager

Colorado Farm



Brad Hennen


2243 330th Street 

Ghent, MN 56239


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